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そして、どこかで見つけることが出来そうで、意外と例文が見つからないのがCover Letterです。私もその数少ないブログに掲載されていたものを参考にさせていただきました(すみません、そしてそのブログ名が解からなくなってしまいました)。感謝の気持をこめ、何かの参考になれば、と私が使ったものを載せておきます。


Dear Sir / Madam

My name is XXXXXXXX, an applicant for the MBA programme 2007.

I worked for XXXXXXXX for five half years, and to improve my business skills, I left there and joined XXXXXXXXX. To prepare for my future career, I would like to study at XXXXXXXX Business School. I am confident that my motivation and experience will enable me to successfully complete my course of studies.

I enclosed application materials, which are

・Official certificate and transcripts
・Photocopies of TOEFL and GMAT Scores (Unofficial)
・Two letters of reference
(Official TOEFL and GMAT Scores will be sent to you directly by the ETS and Pearson VUE.)

I earnestly ask for your favorable consideration in accepting my application.

Sincerely yours,


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